Tuesday, July 17, 2012

146/365 Lavender and Wine

Today we visited one of the local lavender farms near Odell.  Gabrielle had a great time cutting her own little bunch of fresh lavender (with Daddy's help, of course), and absolutely loved the lavender lemonade she got to sample there.  The windy weather and lack of a tripod made it difficult to really capture the amazing view of Mt. Hood from the farm, but it was absolutely gorgeous.  Afterward, we continued on to visit one of wineries, where Jeff and Grampa got to sample some of the local organic wine.

145/365 Panorama Point

We had planned on hiking at Hood River Mountain, but our plans were thwarted by a 2 year old who has suddenly decided that she wants to walk everywhere.  She was perfectly content to ride in our  Deuter child-carrier last week, but sadly that seems to have come to end.  We didn't get to finish our hike, but we did stop at Panorama Point on the way back to enjoy the view and get some pictures.

Mt. Hood from Panorama Point
We also stopped at Gabrielle's favourite playground to let her burn off some energy before our dinner at Taco Del Mar.  She couldn't quite manage the climbing wall by herself, but it was lots of fun with Daddy's help.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

144/365 Windsurfing At The Event Site

The guys had a great day windsurfing at the Event Site today, despite not quite optimal conditions.  I'm not always sure what to look for in terms of catching the action, but I'm slowly learning. 

While I took pictures, Gabrielle found some more water to splash in.  She's always happy as long as she can find plenty of rocks to throw in the water.

143/365 The Gorge At Noon

Gabrielle and I spent some time at the local beach today while the guys were windsurfing.  High noon wasn't exactly the best time for taking pictures, but Gabrielle had a great time splashing around and finding rocks to throw in the water.

Friday, July 13, 2012

142/365 Hikes and Alpacas

Today we took a drive out to the alpaca farm.  Gabrielle was content to watch from a distance last year, but this year was different.  She had a great time feeding the babies and letting them tickle her hand as they ate.  Here is one of the young alpacas waiting hopefully for some more treats.

After the temperature had cooled off a bit, we also went for our second hike of the season out to Wachlella Falls. Gabrielle wasn't quite as accommodating in the backpack as she was last year, but I think she still enjoyed the ride.

141/365 Hood River Sunset Over The Mountains

Sunday, July 8, 2012

140/365 Day Trip To Portland

Gabrielle enjoying some chocolate milk at Starbucks during a day trip to Portland